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Stroszeck (1977) November 14, 2007

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At once minimalist and profound, Stroszeck is the sort of film that manages to stay with you long after it’s over. Now, if only I could figure out how to remember/spell the title I’d be set. The film follows a series of events after the protagonist, Bruno Stroszeck, gets out of prison, moves in with a prostitute (Eva) and then decides to leave Germany for Wisconsin to evade a group of men who are harassing them. Not much happens in this film but the viewer is mesmerised by the actions on screen. It’s almost like watching a very quiet and unassuming train wreck. We’re not completely sure how it’ll end but after all is said and done and the dancing chickens come out, it seems obvious. Herzog doesn’t play around with the camera too much, often preferring still and extended shots which aid the viewer as being just that, a viewer, an unbiased witness of the film. The filmmaking style denotes a sort of detachment while offering up distressing images (namely the chicken stuff previously mentioned). A lot of the film is unexplainable but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as film is meant to imitate life and most things in life are unexplainable. It’s not the sort of film one could “like” in any sense of the word. It’s more the sort that commands that you watch with detached and disturbed passivity.