Like Spun Glass in Sore Eyes

Apple Juice and Cigarettes

Contemplations on a Childhood Often Marred January 28, 2007

Filed under: Poetry — aloysia @ 2:27 am

I remember a time before when

Paper and hand didn’t meet

And ink was stranger to fingers

And only paint was known

When I was young and acquainted with castles and fairies and wooden blocks

When we’d taste the salty rainbow of play doe

And roll the potential filth of sand between our toes

When I became thirsty and longed for huge water in the sand box


My one bee stings, remeded with last weeks moist wipe

In the room we played, red carpeted with hidden

Child germs

I played alone when my friends left

Before, Heather and I fought, she liked to bite

But I was sad when she left

I shouted at the others to stay away from my play


One day they said we would go blind to look at the sun

So we were hurried inside while shadows darkened the sky

It was a solar eclipse you see

We watched it from grey, curtained windows


I remember fish sticks

We had those all the time

In metal pans, piled atop each other

Brown and black

I don’t know why I liked them

We had to eat peas before we got what we liked

Early rebellion

I’ve hated peas ever since


On our graduation day, we had white or black caps

I wanted to decide which to wear

But could not

I pondered it because

White was ghosts and black, death

They were made of yarn and construction paper

I was a very morbid child


When we left, there was no work, we played

All day

Maybe learned letters

I hated nap time but became angry when I was woken

After, there were no naptimes, only more work

The play was better. 


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